Questions On Using Ceiling Fan

Not too many questions at this point in time. But more than enough on using a ceiling fan. So, without further ado, here are those questions. The first question then; do ceiling fans well and truly cool rooms. Answer; yes. Ceiling fan installations done correctly, whether they’re done commercially or through the work of a deft DIY exponent, should make sure of this. Next question then. Will ceiling fans be using up a whole lot of electricity?

The cool answer to that is; no. No, it will not be utilising a lot of power or energy. But let’s return to the first question. Strictly speaking, the ceiling fan is not making air in a room cooler. Rather, it is the fan that cools any who occupy the room. To the second question again. On the average, a ceiling fan will be using between fifteen to ninety watts of energy. But a tower fan may use one hundred watts. Here’s another question then.

Ceiling fan

Are traditional ceiling fans becoming redundant? Experts predict these fans still have a life. Their main arguments stem from the fact that commercial and domestic consumers will continue to be able to take advantage of these fixtures’ high levels of efficiency. How does the fan cool the occupants of a room? It disrupts a stagnant layer of air that surrounds bodies. In so doing, it prevents heat loss.

Costs of using a ceiling fan are substantially less than that of using an air conditioner. By the hour. Ceiling fans are able to save between four to eight percent on required cooling costs in comparison to air conditioners. All things being said, ceiling fans are as old as the hills. And it looks like they’re going to be around for years still.